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“Fact : The first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza...”


Jan 2, 20201 comment

2020 is here ! Is it the future ? Yes it is on WalCrypt !

What can you expected of this new year with us ?

First we want to say that we are still working hard here...no holidays for us 🙁

- We will release in few days 'Faucet' and 'Offerwall' earning possibility in the earn section.

- Then, the referral system will be available current January with a big Contest...are you ready to promote WalCrypt ?

- After this, we will tell more about exp and levels, and how it's work.

- We are also working on the exchange feature as you used before on FaucetHub, perhaps need 1 month to be ready 😉

Don't forget that we are open to all suggestions, because WalCrypt is YOUR plateform build for COMMUNITY !