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“Fact : The first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza...”

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Please first read the FAQ, if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, contact us

What is WalCrypt ?

WalCrypt is a secure micro-wallet and payment system. We provide services to help website owners (relative to make money online with cryptocurrencies) and users, send/receive payments at a very low rate compare to big ‘Payment Processors’. WalCrypt will soon have many features to earn directly on website and also advertise for your faucet !

Do not wait more and register now !

Can i earn Bitcoin or other cryptos here ?

Yes, you can earn via Shortlinks, Faucet, Offerwalls, Mining…and referring people !

You can also get access to partners websites on Top Faucets page.

Is there referral system here ?

Yes !

You can get your link and banners in Menu : Dashboard / Your Wallet / Referrals / Links & Tools.

You earn 5% of referrals website earnings for life !

What is a premium membership ?

Premium membership have many benefices for users and faucet owners. To see all details, please take a look here.

Why BTC price/rewards always change ?

We have set fixed value in $. Our system regularly check BTC/USD price and adapt price/rewards…

What are levels and exp ?

You earn Exp for activity on our website. When reach a level your earn associated reward. More informations.

What is 2FA security ?

This feature improve security of your account in case someone steal your password. If 2FA security enable you need also enter a code received on your smartphone/tablet usin third party appp like : Google Authentificator, Authy…

So in someone know your password, he need to steal your phone too 😉

What are fees and minimum withdraw ?

Fees and minimum withdraw are visible on this page.

Can i wihdraw to Coinbase, CoinPayments...etc...

We will send withdraw to the address you have linked to your account. This address could from any of others payment processors, this is not a problem…

When i claim from partner faucets i receive nothing in my wallet !

Really ? 

Perhaps you are using ‘deposit’ address instead of linked your own cryptos addresses or using hashCode…

I've not received my withdraw !

All withdraws are proceed on sunday. Then they are sent to blockchain. In most case, it take 24h-48h to receive funds. But in very rare cases, it can take up to 7 days, before you received the money on your own wallet. You can follow transaction in blockchain using your ‘Transaction Id’. Past the delay of 7 days, please contact support.

I need to change crypto address to withdraw !

This is possible, you can edit/delete your addresses linked to your account in the dashbaord. After changing addresses, you will able to request withdraw after 72h for security reason.

What is the 'bet' system for faucet ?

As a faucet owner, you want your website can be visible by maximum of people. So, if you have a premium membership, you will be able to ‘bet’ for your faucet appear in the top list of faucets. If you bet more than the others, you will reach the top and be able to display your 728×90 banner !

What are API Coins ?

API Coins used to make requests on our server via all API commands. Each request cost 1 Coin. Each day, your are credit of the minimum value. 

The minimum value was set to avoid some website making many requests and slowing our server, perturbing other faucet owners. If you need more API Coins, you can purchase premium membership to double the minimum or purchase Bonus Coins. Bonus Coins are used only if your main API Coins is low. 

What are API Limitation Requests ?

To avoid abuse using our API and slowing all website, the following limits are in place for all users :

  • 15 requests per 1 mn
  • 125 requests per 10 mn
  • 500 requests per 1 hours

Purchase Premium Membership to extand this limit to :

  • 30 requests per 1 mn
  • 250 requests per 10 mn
  • 1000 requests per 1 hours

If it still not enough for your traffic, please contact us…