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“Fact : The first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza...”
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castiel10 (L0)
hllo friends
fabio16 (L1)
gorian2222 (L4)
i am sorry
homero58 (L0)
Buenas noches amigo,
Ubaid51 (L0)
Gocrypto (L0)
Hello all
newbieinwien (L0)
newbieinwien (L0)
is this website for real?
newbieinwien (L0)
full of web redirections
Neocraft (AD)
@newbieinwien: hello, where do you have redirection ?
armant33 (L1)
gorian2222 (L4)
what is or means Extend ?
gorian2222 (L4)
Neocraft (AD)
@gorian2222: if you already have purchase for example 1 month premium, you can 'extend' => add 1 month or more of premium
wallet tab is not working
kanak (L7)
Yes, wallet tab is not working.
homero58 (L0)
Amigos porque no puedo mirar mi billetera para retirar
wallfan (L0)
yes it's great! wallet not visible
wallfan (L0)
so hello again in a month
alilou30 (L0)
How can I deposit
Neocraft (AD)
Info : maintenance finish
Neocraft (AD)
(look like jquery update make some problems, is it good now ?)
Neocraft (AD)
@alilou30: Dashboard / Wallet => Deposit
zaidy (L3)
zaidy (L3)
how can I withdraw my payment?
Neocraft (AD)
@zaidy: Dashboard / Wallets / Withdraw
Neocraft (AD)
withdraw Chat image
Neocraft (AD)
Weekly withdrawals done !
Ashley FOXX105 Satan wallcript7

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